Tubular netting for oiling

Can be used on tubes with an average diameter of 20–40 mm.

Designed for pulling over the support tubes on series B, C and R racks, as well as the Quercus.

The perfect solution for material that has just been oiled on both sides. Small points of contact on the support tubes not only means that the oil dries faster, but that any marks left behind are virtually invisible.

1 unit includes 2 x 50 m rolls zoom
Photo in use zoom

Lateral rails for wall-mounting

A set of JOWI lateral rails for wall-mounting comprises a top and bottom lateral rail, both 1410 mm long. The length of the rails including the mounting bracket is 1510 mm.

Depending on the spacing between mounting rails, displaceable i-shaped uprights from the B, C or R series can be used.

A wall rack takes up considerably less room than a Mobile Rack.

Suitable for:
Wall racks are used for storage. They are also used in cases where Mobile Racks cannot be used due to structural restrictions, e.g. different floor levels or narrow doorways.

Instructions for mounting: The necessary spacing between rails is as follows:
R-series i-shaped uprights: 1520 mm
B- and C-series i-shaped uprights: 1435 mm

The rack needs to be mounted in situ. The rack is supplied without the necessary fastenings. These need to be purchased separately, depending on the properties of the wall.
Mountings for the wall-mountable lateral rails with i-shaped uprights R900 zoom


Connecting racks together

Couplings can be used to connect two racks from the same series together. This creates additional rack length when needed and allows racks to be separated again afterwards. The standard length of the coupling is 0.3 m. Couplings can be customised up to a length of 1.5 m.
A 0.3-metre coupling
2 R660-2/1 with 7 storeys, coupling length 0.6 zoom

Connecting racks together for increased flexibility

If you mainly transport short material, yet regularly need to move long items around as well, connecting racks together provides you with additional flexibility. Two Mobile Racks can be connected quickly and easily when needed to increase the length of the rack. When the extra length is no longer needed, the coupling can simply be removed to create two shorter, agile racks again.

Extension tubes

Extending JOWI support tubes

e.g. to store lightweight frames

Seamless steel tube with plastic coverSeamless, powder-coated steel tube
Tube: Ø 27 mmTube: Ø 32 mm
For Ø 23 mm support tubes – Series B Mobile RacksFor Ø 29 mm support tubes – Series C and R Mobile Racks
Length 600 mm, usable length 350 mm

R660-2/0 with 16 storeys and extension tubes UR-29-0600

Support tubes

Additional support tubes can be ordered for an existing rack. Support tubes with plastic covering are available in the following dimensions:

For the B series:  ø 23 mm – usable length: 590 mm (AR23-0590) + 780 mm (AR23-0780)

For Series C + R: ø 29 mm - usable length: 660 mm (AR29-0660), 770 mm (AR29-0770), 900 mm (AR29-0900), 1100 mm (AR29-1100)

Support tubes can be customised with a galvanised finish or heat-resistant cover.

i-shaped uprights

If your needs change, you can retrofit your B, C or R-series fixed-frame Mobile Rack with additional i-shaped uprights (with or without support tubes).

Please include the type of upright (B, C or R) when you order and let us know how many support tubes you need in which length.
Slot the i-shaped uprights into the top lateral rail zoom
Afterwards, slot the i-shaped uprights into the bottom lateral rail. zoom

Customised orders

Have you not found exactly what you’re looking for in our versatile product range? We are pleased to provide customised products whenever possible.

Please contact us for a quote! > Get in touch!

Customised colours:
Our Mobile Racks and Transport Racks can be custom-painted, e.g. in your corporate colours. Please tell us which RAL number you require when you send us an enquiry.

Heat-resistant racks:
Do you need a rack that you can roll into your drying chamber or one that can cope with higher operational temperatures? If so, please let us know what temperature range your rack will be used in and the maximum load capacity required.

Robotic loading:
Do you need to have a higher bottom edge for automated loading? No problem! We can adjust the height of the Mobile Rack so that you can use the maximum capacity.

Directional locks

The manoeuvrability of a steering castor – which can be switched to a fixed castor for straight steering when needed: available upon request on all JOWI Transport Racks as well as Mobile Racks in the B, C and R Series.
These components cannot be retrofitted to the rack.
On request: directional locks zoom

Rack with a T-shaped chassis for double-sided storage and transport

JOWI’s B, C and R series Mobile Racks can also be ordered with an extendable telescopic (T) chassis. When extended, the T chassis provides the necessary stability so that the rear side of the rack can be used as well. JOWI′s Dablju-VV Mobile Racks come with a T chassis as standard.

Existing racks cannot be retrofitted with the telescopic chassis.
R660-2/2 with a T chassis – customised with directional locks zoom

What factors should be considered with a T chassis?

Reduced maximum load capacity
Almost double the storage space, yet reduced maximum load. For example: The standard Mobile Rack (R660-2/2) has a maximum load capacity of 500 kg. When loaded on one side, the R660T-2/2 Mobile Rack has a maximum load capacity of 300 kg. When loaded on both sides, the total maximum capacity is 400 kg.

More room needed to manoeuvre
When loaded on both sides, a Mobile Rack needs more room to be manoeuvred and pushed into place. Transport on site, therefore, requires sufficiently wide gangways. To load or unload items off the back of the rack, the rack can be turned around, or the items can be carried around the sides of the rack.

The R series is the best solution for double-sided storage

R series racks can be fitted with extra support tubes in the free spaces on the L-shaped and i-shaped uprights. These can be positioned at the front and at the back. Standard-design B and C series racks do not contain any spare holes for inserting support tubes. If this is the case, fixed-frame Mobile Racks can be adapted by adding extra i-shaped uprights with support tubes at the back. If not, the number of storeys on a double-sided rack stays the same, divided between the front and the back, e.g. the B590 with 16 storeys has 8 storeys at the front and 8 at the back when used as a double-sided rack.