R series Mobile Racks

As strong as the C series, but with more storage and greater versatility

Available in different depths and with adjustable storage compartment heights. Pre-punched with 31 support tube holes, this design is the most versatile solution in terms of compartment spacing. This is a significant benefit if the material on the rack is always a different shape or size.

Fixed rack length

Fixed-length models are the perfect solution when the rack will be used for material of different lengths. Heavier, longer parts will also fit in the storeys.
R660-2/2 with 8 storeys zoom

R900-2/2 with 11 storeys zoom
B590-2/2 stacked together zoom

Our space-saving tip:

Empty JOWI fixed-frame racks simply stack inside one another!
The spacious rack with added depth


The 2/2 rack is the perfect solution if you need to transport material of different lengths or shorter material of similar lengths at the same time.
R900-2/2 with 16 storeys zoom
R660-2/2 with 11 storeys, rack length 2995 mm zoom

Technical data


MODELR660-2/2R770-2/2 #R900-2/2R1100-2/2
L-shaped uprights with support tubes2222
i-shaped uprights with support tubes0000
Number of support tube holes on each upright31313131
Number of support tubes per upright = number of storeys16 (11 on request)11 (16 on request)11 (16 on request)11 (16 on request)
Spacing66 mm (113 mm with 11 storeys)113 mm (66 mm with 16 storeys)113 mm (66 mm with 16 storeys)113 mm (66 mm with 16 storeys)
Fixture of support tubes: Pre-punched holes for adjustable spacingYESYESYESYES
Diameter of support tubes29 mm29 mm29 mm29 mm
Usable length of support tubes660 mm770 mm900 mm1.100 mm
Maximum load per support tube / per storey with 4 support tubes28 / 112 kg*22 / 88 kg*20 / 80 kg*16 / 64 kg*
Maximum load of the whole rack if laden on one side500 kg*500 kg*500 kg*500 kg*
Swivel castors with cast polyurethane tyres4 x Ø 160 mm4 x Ø 160 mm4 x Ø 160 mm4 x Ø 160 mm
Number of lockable castors2222
Number of castors with directional locks0 (2 on request)**0 (2 on request)**0 (2 on request)**0 (2 on request)**
Length x width x height in mm1510 x 850 x 19201510 x 960 x 19201510 x 1090 x 19201510 x 1290 x 1920
Painted steel frameRAL 3004 crimsonRAL 3004 crimsonRAL 3004 crimsonRAL 3004 crimson
Shipped part-assembled in a box L x W x H in mm
Net / gross weight in kg
8 boxes per pallet L x W x H in mm

# Available as a customised rack

* Please note: loads must be evenly distributed. No impact loads
** Customised rack only – retrofitting not available

All models listed above are also available in other rack lengths (2060 mm, 2335 mm or 2995 mm) upon request. Intermediate rack lengths also available, as well as racks less than 1510 mm long.

The i-shaped uprights in the middle can be removed or extra uprights can be ordered, depending on requirements. You can find further information under selection criteria or accessories.