JOWI Mobile Racks

e.g. to transporting long material horizontally or to allow varnished components to dry

Storing everything in one place - Well organised. Always withine reach.
When you′ve finished working, return your material to exactly where you got it from. In order.

It doesn′t matter what you′re working on and where. Because what matters is always within reach.
Clip - Mobile racks with fixed rack length

Clip - Mobile racks with fully adjustable rack length

The B series

Maximum manageability and manoeuvrability

A tried and trusted standard design, perfect for moderately heavy material, including furniture parts.

  • Diameter of castors:
    125 mm
  • Max. load per rack:
    200 kg
  • Storeys and spacing:
    16 storeys with 66 mm
  • Max. load per support tube:
    Length: 590 mm = 15 kg
    Length:  780 mm = 11 kg

The C Series

Even stronger

Perfect for storing and transporting standard dimension doors, and much much more…


  • Diameter of castors:
    160 mm
  • Max. load per rack:
    500 kg
  • Storeys and spacing:
    12 storeys with 92 mm
  • Max. load per support tube:
    Length: 660 mm = 28 kg
    Length: 770 mm = 22 kg
    Length: 900 mm = 20 kg
    Length: 1.100 mm = 16 kg

The R Series

As strong as the C series, but with greater flexibility and more room

Available with flexible storeys and choice of depths. High load capacity for furniture parts (model R660), enough space for doors, for example (model R900).


  • Diameter of Castors: 160 mm
  • Max. load per rack: 500 kg
  • Storeys ans spacing:
    11 storeys with 113 mm ( standard modell R900)
    16 storeys with 66 mm (standard modell R660)
  • Max. load per support tube:
    Length: 660 mm = 28 kg
    Length: 770 mm = 22 kg
    Length: 900 mm = 20 kg
    Length: 1.100 mm = 16 kg


Modular solution with high load capacity

For maximum stability. Guaranteed mobility, even for large and heavy parts. Customisable length up to 6 m.


  • Diameter of castors: 200 mm (double castors)
  • Max. load per rack:
    1.500 kg or more (750 kg per L-shaped upright on castors)
  • storeys and spacing:
    7 storeys with 174 mm
    9 storeys with 122 mm
    13 storeys with 70 mm
  • Max. load per support tube:
    Length: 640 mm = 60 kg
    Length: 740 mm = 50 kg
    Length: 880 mm = 42 kg
    Length: 1.080 mm = 35 kg
    Length: 1.380 mm = 27 kg
Deciphering JOWI classification codes

The model code is assigned according to a clear classification system. The model code reveals the basic technical details of every JOWI model, making sure that you order exactly the right model for your needs.
  • The letter stands for the type of upright and the rack´s dimension:
  • The number after the letter indicates the storage length of the support tubes in mm.
  • At the end of the model code: The numbers either side of the forward slash indicate a mobile rack with a frame design (L-shaped and i-shaped uprights).
    L-shaped uprights are either horizontal or vertical load-bearing elements of the framework and are fitted with castors. The i-shaped uprights serve as vertical supports inside the outer frame.
  • X, XX, X3 and VV designate racks that are length-adjustable.