Picus transports material standing up or lying down

The particularly versatile model for transporting large panels and frames (stored individually) such as worktops, doors, windows and frames. Support tubes can also be used to transport material horizontally.

The Transport Rack is inclined to the back to ensure that material is kept safe during transport.

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Surprising flexibility

Picus is the rack you′re looking for if you want to transport various large-sized boards or frames measuring up to 3 m. It can also be used for the horizontal storage of narrow parts. You′ll be surprised how light this simple design is.

Not only does the inclined storage increase stability, but the load can also be secured
with the hinged catch and a suitable restraining strap. Making it easy to take with you on any site.

Picus is available in a range of dimensions:
  • Available widths: Design X (up to 1.5 m) and design XX (up to 3 m)
  • The support depth is 360 mm, customised dimensions available upon request

Moving safely:

The mechanical catch provides additional security to prevent loads from slipping.

Our tip:

The Picus Transport Rack can be folded down quickly and easily so that it is narrow enough to fit in a car or truck and taken to construction sites. The rack can then take the material to wherever it’s needed.

Support tubes for grouping material in storeys

The Picus Transport Rack is very flexible. It allows you to store material (boards, frames, windows, doors,...) horizontally. Equipped with support tubes, it is also possible to store parts vertically. The design is inclined to the back, which ensures that even round material is safely stored for transport.

A good all-rounder

Originally designed to transport large material up to 3 x 2 m, this rack is now recognised for its added value in a wide range of different applications. Regardless of whether the support tubes are laden with worktops, packages, rolls of fabric, metal rods or narrow panels, the Picus gets the material safely to where it’s needed.