Capreolus – transports easily damaged material with care

When space is limited, Capreolus is the flexible solution for carefully storing and transporting your material vertically in width-adjustable compartments. Inclined to the side, this rack ensures that components are transported safely.

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When extra care is needed

Are you looking to transport easily damaged parts in a tight space, yet always have your material close at hand? Although the 22 compartments on the Capreolus offer plenty of storage space, material is still kept safe and protected because no two parts come into contact with one another.

The Capreolus rack is the ′safety expert′  – with an inclined design to stabilise vertical loads, height-adjustable cross tubes, plastic-covered support tubes and smooth shelves, which can also be fitted with brushes upon request.

A range of rack dimensions ensures Capreolus responds to specific requirements:
  • 1 standard rack width (22 compartments with 40 mm spacing; 11 compartments with 103 mm spacing)
  • 3 different rack depths (shelf and support tubes: 590 mm, 780 mm and 920 mm)
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Adjustable compartment spacing:

To make the compartment size bigger, simply undo the socket head screw to release the support tube.
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