A4 aluminium clipboard

With a clip that fastens onto a 23-mm diameter support tube. Suitable for Gecko, Nautilus and Capreolus Transport Racks.

Automatic restraining strap

A 3-metre restraining strap secures material on the rack. Can be used on the Picus and Nautilus Transport Racks, as well as on the back of the Capreolus. Max. lashing capacity: 300 kg

Support tubes

If required, more support tubes can be ordered to your Transport Rack. Support tubes with plastic covering are available in the following lengths:

usable length 590 mm (SR23-0590) with ø 23 mm: for the Gecko GE2-590 and GE3-590, as well as Nautilus NA2-590, Capreolus CA2-590 and CA1H-590 Transport Rack
usable length 780 mm (SR23-0780) with ø 23 mm: for the Nautilus NA2-780 and Capreolus CA2-780 Transport Rack
usable length 920 mm (SR23-0780) with ø 23 mm: for the Capreolus CA2-920 Transport Rack

If needed, the following support tubes are available for the Picus Transport Rack:

usable length 380 mm (AR29-0380) with ø 29 mm: for the Picus PI1-360-X Transport Rack
Please contact us if you need support tubes for your Picus Transport Rack with customised depth.

Intermediate shelves

When you have a lot of shorter material to transport, you can fit additional intermediate shelves to the Gecko and Natuilus Transport Racks. Shelves are available in the following dimensions:

Intermediate shelf 374 x 590 mm > for the Gecko GE2-590 and GE3-590 Transport Racks and the Nautilus NA2-590
Intermediate shelf 374 x 780 mm > for the Nautilus NA2-780 Transport Rack

The Capreolus Transport Racks is only suitable for transporting material in a vertical position. Intermediate shelves CANNOT be fitted on the Capreolus.