Product benefits

What makes JOWI the leading mobile rack system?

Maximum productivity

Materials close at hand
Materials can be replaced in the same rack at the end of every step of the manufacturing process. You will only need one rack, instead of the customary two racks needed when working from one pile to the next.

Ball-bearing castors with convex tyres ensure outstanding manoeuvrability. Racks remain easy to manoeuvre when fully loaded. Every L-shaped upright is fitted with a lockable castor.

JOWI products are sturdy and last for many years with no maintenance. Spare parts remain available many years after purchase.

Tidy and safe

Plastic tube covers
The plastic coverings on the support tubes protect easily damaged materials – even after hinges, locks and handles have been fitted. The tube covers are free from plasticisers, suitable for temperatures up to 80°C and
resistant against all conventional paints, varnishes, oils and waxes. They also work perfectly with water-based paints and varnishes.

Free retrofit of anti-tip device
Since September 2012, JOWI′s adjustable-length mobile racks have been supplied with an anti-tip device. The chassis length must be at least 500m for the anti-tip device to work. To order the device for an existing rack, simply tell us what type of rack you have and the model number (e.g. B590-X, C770-XX, R900-X3 or Dabelju-B590-VV).

Simple and flexible

Length is adjusted easily
The length-adjustable models can be adjusted to the desired length quickly and easily. Simply lift the lever, select the right length, secure the lever in place again – and that’s it! Due to the design of the rack, the uprights always remain parallel during adjustment, avoiding the need for any additional struts.

Adjustable design
The wide range of JOWI’s standard models can be adapted in line with your specific manufacturing needs. Possible customisations include fewer horizontal storage compartments, extra i-shaped uprights, directional
locks on the castors (allowing steering castors to be used as fixed castors when required), special rack lengths or colours, and mobile racks that can withstand higher temperatures (e.g. forced drying).

Adjustable to current operational needs
If your requirements change (e.g. if you change models), you can easily adjust your mobile rack by swapping lateral rails to alter the rack’s length, adding extra i-shaped uprights or changing the storage compartment spacing by adding/removing support tubes, for example.

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