JOWI Transport Racks

Ensure that your material keeps flowing

JOWI Transport Racks are available in different models for storing material vertically. Vertical storage enables efficient access to items on the rack, while the slight inclination of the rack ensures that material is transported safely.

Mobile storage

Move your material around easily, whenever and wherever you need it. JOWI Transport Racks enable specific material to be stored in the required order next to the machine or at a specific point in the manufacturing process. Items of differing sizes can be transported securely on the one rack, without taking up valuable room. You can access each component easily and can take out material in any order.

Standing firm
Lets you transport large-size or long material in an upright position. Space-saving and surface-friendly – thanks to the plasticcoated support tubes that separate the compartments. The slightly tilted design makes the load stable and helps prevent damage.


the quick task-force 

The good all-rounder. For transporting rods up to approx. 2.5 m in length and boards up to approx. 600 mm in width and approx. 2.5 m in length. Inclined to the side and to the back. Parts stored
side by side.

  • Max. load capacity:
    400 kg (narrow option) or
    600 kg (wide option)
  • Intermediate shelves available
  • Can alternatively be used for horizontal storage, e.g. for rount parts, without needing to alter the rack


for big or small material

Transports a combination of different material and boards up to 2.5 m in length. Additional capacity at the back for storing large-sized parts up to approx. 3 × 2 m. Inclined to the side. Parts stored side by side.

  • Max. load capacity: 600 kg
  • intermediate shelves available
  • also suitable for horizontal storage without needing to alter the rack


takes special care of your material

Transports easily damaged material, such as panels up to 2.5 m long. Inclined to the side. Storage in separate compartments. Extra capacity as an option for the back of the rack, allowing storage of large panels and material up to approx. 3 x 2 m. Each component is stored individually.


  • Max. load: 600 kg
  • No intermediate shelves available. Bottom shelves with brush edgings available upon request to protect delicate surfaces.
  • Not suitable for horizontal storage


for panels and frames

Transports large panels and materials up to approx. 3 x 2 m. Maximum height for frames: 1.6 m. Inclined to the back. Parts stored individually.


  • Max. load: 600 kg
  • Support tubes for additional intermediary compartments available (for storing narrow panels or rods on top of one another.)