Gecko – simple and speedy

The Gecko is the perfect solution for transporting material horizontally or vertically. It is ideal for storing all components needed for a particular job, i.e. sorted by order.  Inclining both to the side and back, the design of this rack ensures that panels, bars, poles and tubes – or even skis – can be stored vertically and remain stable during transport. Manufacturing materials are stored individually.

The ‘smaller’ Gecko GE2-590 with 2 compartments is a particularly nifty little helper for tight spaces and suitable for any type of business – from one-man operations to large industrial plants.

Organised stacking of different material

Even rods stay in place when transported. The design of the Gecko Rack, inclined to the side and to the back, makes it an extremely stable, highly manoeuvrable all-rounder for your manufacturing needs.

Available in a slim or semi-slim design, the Gecko comes in two different dimensions so that there′s always one to meet your needs:
  • For even greater manoeuvrability: with 2 compartments (320 mm spacing; GE2-2/1 as shown)
  • For even greater capacity: with 4 compartments, i.e. twice as wide (GE3-3/2)
Both unit designs have a depth (shelf and support tubes) of 590 mm.

Intermediate shelves, available upon request, create additional capacity for smaller parts. Material can also be stored horizontally in 8 storeys without the need to make any alterations to the rack.
Repositioning an intermediate shelf

Easy access to material

Store, transport and feed material up to approx. 2500 mm in length through the production process.  Components can be placed next to one another in the rack. All material stored on the rack is easily accessible at any time.

Shelves can be altered quickly

If you suddenly find yourself with a load of long components to store, you can quickly pull out the middle shelf and push it over a support tube to the left of the rack – within easy reach when you need it again.

It’s just as simple to adjust the height of the shelf in the rack. In other words, the Gecko can be adapted quickly and easily to your changing needs.

Easy to manoeuvre when fully laden

Two handles, as well as easy-roll castors and a directional lock that can fix the right-hand rear wheel in two directions, enable one person to push a fully laden Transport Rack to the next workstation safely. The lockable swivel castors can then be secured to prevent the rack from rolling away.

Directional locks

Directional locks are only fitted as standard on the Gecko GE2-590-2/1.

This lock provides the manoeuvrability of a swivel castor – which can be switched to a fixed castor for straight steering when needed. Available upon request on all JOWI Transport Racks (as well as Mobile Racks in the C and R Series).