Lange Reinigungsintervalle - wer braucht das?

Believe it or not, somebody recently sent us a 16-year-old Octopus D1 spray table that had never once been cleaned. 

This customer had called us to say that he wanted to buy a new JOWI Octopus D1, even though the moving parts on his old table were still movable. When he explained that his current table had become a monster due to the huge build-up of paint residue, I had to ask how old it actually was. About 16 years, he replied, although he wasn’t exactly sure.

We could have given the table a new lease of life by removing the residue with a hammer and chisel or with a cutting disc. However, you’re bound to have had that feeling yourself, when you’ve been contemplating the purchase of a new tool for a long time and you can’t get the idea out of your head. In the end, you usually end up buying the new tool, despite the old one having put in so many years of service.

Since it’s rare that we get to see such old spray tables – if ever! – we bluntly asked whether we could arrange for the old spray table to be picked up. And because our customers are the best – always helpful and friendly – it wasn’t long before the old spray table was back at JOWI. We admired the table from every angle, turning it round and moving it in absolute awe! 

Our initial reaction was "We have to take a photo of the spray table and post it on our website!" But then we said “No, we need a video – otherwise no one will believe us!”

We know that our Octopus D1 spray tables are the best, but when we see one like this, we’re absolutely convinced!

Just have a look at the video – it’s simply incredible! The Octopus D1 spray table keeps on rotating and rotating and moving even at a ripe old age, despite no regular cleaning.
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