JOWI Octopus Spray table

Varnish efficiently without having to pre-sort

The JOWI Octopus spray table is fitted with a swivel. The stand enables you to always varnish towards the extraction fan by turning the stand and the item you’re working on around, rather than you working around the stand. The varnish mist is extracted efficiently, making sure that there is virtually no misting on the underside of the item being varnished.

Fully customisable

The support points can be adjusted quickly and easily so that they can be positioned under the item being varnished.

Support pads can be adjusted as follows:

Octopus D1: 1090 x 1260 mm
Octopus D2: 1190 x 1390 mm

Do you need multi-pin supports?

Octupus D1 zoom

Unscrew the support pads and simply nail blocks of wood in their place. This ensures that the support pads stay clean, even when working on small or narrow items.

Octopus D1 – standard design

Maximum load: up to 80 kg

Provided that the loads is evenly distributed, with no impact loads

Octopus D1 zoom

Octopus D2 – reinforced design

Maximum load: up to 120 kg

Provided that the loads is evenly distributed, with no impact loads
Octopus D2
Octopus D2 zoom

Our tip for using the Octopus spray stand

Before using the table for the first time or after cleaning off the overspray, we recommend covering the spray table with a barrier layer such as strippable varnish or stretch wrap. Our spray tables are supplied with stretch wrap on a hand dispenser so that you can get your spray table ready for use as soon as you’ve assembled it.

No need for frequent cleaning

The table has been designed to keep the pivot bearings of the swivel arms hidden so that they work properly at all times. Even when overspray has crusted on heavily, the pivot bearings remain reliably easy to move – doing away with the need for frequent cleaning.

Adjustable working height

The table is height-adjustable so that you can always work ergonomically – whether you’re varnishing a flat panel, a chair or a cabinet. The Octopus is height-adjustable between 730 mm and 930 mm.
Octopus D2 – adjustable foot

Suitable for use on a grate

The feet can be placed on top of a grate and are equipped with an adjustable screw to compensate for any unevenness of the floor.